311 by the Hour
live code

A stunning example of big data visualization. 311 by the Hour is a visual exploration of NYC 311 call data by complaint type and hour of day in which calls were placed.
311 by the Hour is written in JavaScript using the awesome Highcharts library, drawing from NYC OpenData resources.

From-scratch development of showcase web site. is designed both to promote the client's book and to serve as a hub for information and resources on his professional practice area: Project Management in Electronic Discovery. Site is built on WordPress using a customized, responsive theme.

There's A Board
demo code

An open source mentorship app designed around the simple idea of matching students with student-tutors based on availability and study topic, There's A Board evolved into a powerful support platform allowing students, alumns, and employee-mentors to connect for studying, tutoring, and skill development. There's A Board was forked by Dev Bootcamp NYC to be used as their tool for managing both paid and volunteer mentors.

Turtle Overflow
live code

A clone of the popular Stack Overflow site. Turtle-overflow was built as an exercise to explore Ruby on Rails, ActiveRecord, and Agile development practices.

Survey Gorilla
live code

An end-to-end survey creation and poll-taking app, complete with statistical analysis and visual charts of survey results. Survey Gorilla was built with Sinatra, jQuery, ActiveRecord, and Highcharts using agile development practices.

live code

My implementation of the venerable Rails Tutorial by Michael Hartl. Clíque is a real, industrial-strength application built on Ruby on Rails, exploring all of the framework's features, with full unit testing.

Flash Forward

A web-based flash card application that allows users to either choose an existing deck or create their own interactively. Flash-forward allows users to return to incomplete games and provides statistical results for all games played. Flash-forward was built with Sinatra, ActiveRecord, and PostgreSQL, using agile development practices.

live code

A clone of the fabulous 2048 game created by Gabriele Cirulli. dcr2048 is an exercise in writing JavaScript using the MVC pattern. I intend to further improve the game with some cool CSS transforms. Stay tuned . . .

About Me
/* file: ~/code/dcr/about.js
 *         AS A  curious seeker, inveterate learner, and voracious autodidact,
 * I WOULD LIKE  a position that allows me to exercise my skills and creativity
 *  IN ORDER TO  to solve real-world problems with beautiful code.
(function(exports) {

  var namespace = "dcr",

      name = "Damian C. Rossney",

      story = "I am a full stack developer with prior training in business,  " +
              "math, and the legal field. I am an entrepreneur and           " +
              "technologist at heart. I enjoy solving complex problems,      " +
              "building practical things, and developing new businesses. I   " +
              "develop apps using Ruby, Rails, Sinatra, JavaScript, SQL,     " +
              "HTML5, and CSS3. I utilize Test-Driven Development and follow " +
              "Agile methodologies. I continuously work to expand my skill   " +
              "set and learn new technologies.",

      skills = {

        languages:              [ Ruby, JavaScript                            ],

        frameworks:             [ Rails, Sinatra, jQuery, Handlebars          ],

        databases:              [ PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, Redis            ],

        front_end:              [ HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Skeleton            ],

        testing:                [ Rspec, Jasmine, Capybara, SimpleCov         ],

        version_control:        [ Git, GitHub, BitBucket                      ],

        continuous_deployment:  [ Heroku                                      ],

        continuous_integration: [ CircleCI                                    ],

        methodologies:          [ Agile, Kanban, TDD, OOD/OOP, MVC, REST, AJAX]


      api = {
          name: name,
          story: story,
          skills: skills

  exports[namespace] = api;
}) (typeof webDevs === 'undefined' ? window : webDevs);

For a print version of my current resume, please clink the pdf link in the Contact section below.

You can read my articles on LinkedIn.